Developing VLevel


I (Tom Felker) am the primary developer for VLevel, and I'd love to hear from you. Questions, comments, bug reports, development help, and flames are welcome. VLevel is hosted by, which I'd like to thank for giving VLevel and countless other projects exposure they'd otherwise never get. Besides the web hosting, SourceForge also gives anonymous CVS access, and a project page.


VLevel is written in C++. It's core, the VolumeLeveler class, is designed with no dependencies on the outside world, and it's easy to write programs that use it. So far, the command line interface, vlevel-bin, and the LADSPA plugin,, use this. The VolumeLeveler class works with floating-point data, but it allows any number of channels, and it doesn't care about sampling rate.


For the next release (0.6), I will write a GUI for VLevel, which will allow you to change the settings, and then VLevel .wav and Ogg Vorbis files by dragging them to the window. It will probably be written in Ruby using the FXRuby toolkit, and use SOX to convert files. Since Ruby, FXRuby, the Fox Toolkit, and SOX are all cross-platform, VLevel will finally be useful in Windows, and more useful in Linux and similar systems. If someone with Windows GUI development know-how steps forward, I'd also like to make a WinAmp plugin, or even a plugin for Nero Burning ROM.