About VLevel

VLevel keeps your music from making you jump out of your seat, and it keeps you from having to fiddle with the volume constantly. It's different from other dynamic compressors because it looks ahead. You can think of VLevel as someone who knows your music by heart, and turns the volume up during quiet passages, but smoothly turns it back down when he knows a loud part is coming. It's great for making CDs to listen to in your car, or to play background music on your computer.

VLevel is currently a LADSPA plugin and a command-line filter. You can use it with many Linux audio programs including XMMS, GStreamer, GLAME, GDAM, and others, and you can use it in shell scripts to level your music before burning a CD. In the future, it may be ported to other audio programs like SOX and WinAMP, and it will be made generally easier to use.